Using TDD to improve your code and the Software Development LifeCycle

If you have been researching the QA side of software development, you have most likely come across articles singing the praises of TDD. There is no shortage of leaders in the industry applauding the upsides of integrating TDD into…

Finding the shortest distance between two points

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Ever wondered how google maps calculate the shortest path to your destination? This is the problem it must solve every time you search for the nearest Italian restaurant or the quickest route to visit your family.

The app obviously needs your geolocation, destination, and a mapping of the road/interstate highway…


Divide and Conquer Recursion

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In 1945 John von Neumann, the Hungarian mathematician, physicist, and computer scientist, developed the merge sort algorithm. Merge sort is a general-purpose sorting method that uses a ‘divide and conquer’ approach. It was developed to address weaknesses in less efficient algorithms such as bubble sort. It is the classic example…

Find All the Permutations of a Set of Elements

A classic technical interview question is finding the permutations of characters in a string. This is a subset of a larger problem of finding all the permutations of elements in a set. One of the most common algorithms to tackle this…

Finding Prime Numbers from 1 to n

Sieve of Eratosthenes is one of the most ancient algorithms dating from the 2nd century in ancient Greece. Old does not mean obsolete, however. This algorithm is still relevant today, being a space and time-efficient way to find prime numbers. …

Brief Overview

What is object-oriented programming?

Another trick in software is to avoid rewriting the software by using a piece that’s already been written, so called component approach which the latest term for this in the most advanced form is what’s called Object-Oriented Programming.
-Bill Gates

Object-oriented programming has been around since at least…

cryptocurrencies and how they work

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I have been fascinated by cryptocurrencies for a while now. It is an understatement to say they have a mixed reputation. Opinions about them range from unending praise to scorn. Some say they will usher in a new age overturning old economics. Others believe they…

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